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Best Time to Visit Vancouver in a Year: Activities and Events for Every Season

Experience Vancouver's charm year-round! From cherry blossom festivals in spring to winter sports in Whistler, there's always something to do.

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Make your travelling experience memorable in Vancouver

As a natural compound of the Pacific Ocean and Coastal Mountain ranges, Vancouver comes laden with a diverse blend of urban splendor and nature’s magnificence. The beautiful parks, the colorful neighborhoods, and the cultural diversity make it always worth visiting the destination for any nature and culture lover at just about any time. Whether you’re an admirer of nature, a food fanatic, or a culture curious one, Vancouver definitely has lots of various activities from any of these categories for you.

Spring (March-May):

Explosion of colour of spring​ ​in Vancouver can​ ​be​ ​best​ ​described as​ ​a sea of​ ​pink​ ​cherry blossoms which​ ​dwindle​ ​everywhere​ ​in city. The weather is warm, but not overly, swell for outdoor activities but less frequented in the summer period. One of the best things to do during this season is the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. With a vast array of blossoming trees and a range of cultural performances and tours, you can experience all the beauty of spring as well as the deep peace of mind that comes with it.

For nature lovers, the boardwalks and the trails of the park are places of beauty where the hikers and cyclists can enjoy amazing views of the city as well as the surrounding mountains. Public Market at Granville Island is a haven for foodies who can experience taste of local cuisines and browse through the artisan makings while surrounded by the bustling ambiance of waterfront setting.

Best for: Nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and foodies seeking a more relaxed pace.

Summer (June-August):

Summer boasts more sunny days and is the busy season of tourists in Vancouver, which is sure for a reason. Besides the fact that the air temperature is gradually increasing and the long light hours are a perfect opportunity to visit the outdoor landmarks, enjoy the life vibes in the city. False Creek kayaking is a fantastic way to see the city from the other side without getting too close to the water while swimming in Kitsilano Beach will be a relief when it gets hot here.

The Summertime is once again time for a competition in which different countries from all over the world will exhibit their firework technics in a blazing series of explosions over English Bay. For a day trip take a look at Bowen Island, where you can find everything from colourful shops, quaint local stores, and hiking trails, all in one place.

Best for: Festival-goers, beach lovers, and those looking for lively outdoor experiences.

Fall (September-November):

The moment temperatures are starting to lower on the autumn foliage Vancouver displays the fascinatingly bright leaves. The fall is magnificent time to discover the city’s green spaces such as Stanley Park, a place for a leisurely stroll amid the lush landscape of scarlet red and golden hues.

For wine lovers, a trip to one of the nearby wineries in Fraser Valley is expectable, giving you a lovely wine tasting experience of coulteous fall sceneries. September also hosts the Vancouver International Film Festival that presents the emerging film and individual creativity of the best in world cinema showing a great range of screenings, panels as well as special events.

Best for: Movie plus beer lovers, nature, and wine aficionados, and those people looking for a little bit of nostalgia. Other details can also be included.

Winter (December-February):

With no end of amazing opportunities for the winter sports as well as holiday treats winter turns Vancouver into a festive wonderland. The experienced skiers and snowboarders can access to the excellent skiing at Grouse Mountain and Whistler that are around 20 minutes from the downtown area.

The Vancouver Christmas Market, which is modeled inspiration from traditional European markets, is a beautiful place for craving unique presents, feeding seasonal treats and watching live performances. At different locations all over the urban area, flashing lights replaced the darkness of the nights and created a fairy-tale show.

Best for: Skiing and snowboarding fans, jolly travelers to enjoy the coziness, and those in search of a winter vacation.


Despite the season, Vancouver, British Columbia, leaves people insipired with its scenic nature, thriving culture, multiple offerings of activities throughout the year. In any season, simply by walking on streets with cherry trees in spring or hitting ski slopes in winter, you will get to know always something new about this his dynamic city.

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